Xoftspy - When simplicity meets efficiency

Why should we worry?

Things happen. For instance I left paying for my car insurance renewal (no it wasn't a Maserati!) for two days. On the second day I was stopped by the police because my tail light was faulty. They impounded my car, made me walk home and now I face a huge fine plus six penalty points on my licence. I had to get insured short term by impounded car insurance site impoundedcar.co.uk because no-one else would insure a car in the pound. Did I expect this? No. Do I expect viral attacks on my computer? No. But they happen.

Xoftspy, which is easier to pronounce if you think of it as 'Soft Spy', is an anti-virus and anti-malware all-in-one solution developed by ParetoLogic (http://www.paretologic.com/) a relatively small Canadian company whose humble beginning was based on the notion that every computer user shouldn't have to worry about the potential threats that their computer might face online. That's when four software engineers decided to develop what would later be known as Xoftspy.

Does it work?

Although this small Canadian company may not have the same marketing reach as the bigger players out there, Xoftspy excels in its domain. This little assistant is always on the lookout for viruses, it ensures that your computer never download spywares and informs you when adware are trying their best to break their secure firewall.

Which problems did it face?

Xoftspy's major roadblock, and by far the biggest problem it ever encountered, had to do with the intense competitive market that exists with this type of software. Couple this with the fact that there are some major players out there who seem to have unlimited resources, the odds for these Canadian entrepreneurs were stacked against them. Their software worked flawlessly, but would it be worth anything if they couldn't advertise it properly?

Did Xoftspy succeed?

Was it a technical and commercial success? Absolutely. Since its launch, the people at ParetoLogic built more iterations of XoftSpy alongside a slew of new products. They now offer software that will clean your registry, some that will increase your security and others that will automate disk backups. They haven't run out of ideas and products yet.

Is it better than its competition?

You'll easily find comparisons between the leading antivirus software on the web and they'll definitely have one point in common when discussing the impressive technical aspects of XoftSpy: it's easy to use and it finds the threats quickly. This may not sound important, but it's definitely worth discussing.

Is ease of use that important?

Think about this. Who needs antivirus software the most? Is it you and I who know our ways around computers, searching online for the best CPU, the most powerful GPU and endlessly comparing the minute stats of these computer parts... or is it your aunt, your grandfather and that neighbour from across the street who heard that you're good with computers and now uses you as their personal repairman? If you're making an antivirus software, you need to make it accessible for the users who are most likely to get computer viruses. That's why ease of use is that crucial.

What does the future hold for XoftSpy

Quite a bit, actually. XoftSpy is slowly being integrated in a greater, bigger protection tool called Digital Care which promises to integrate all of the positive sides of XoftSpy while ensuring that the overall experience is even better than before. Although this transition has already occurred, ParetoLogic promises to support XoftSpy for the many months and years to come.

In the end, maybe you've tried other antivirus software and they just didn't feel right. They might have been too bloated for your taste or too complicated for your friend or family member. You might be searching for a tool that is efficient, simple and will give you the results you're looking for. In that case, it's possible that XoftSpy is the right one for you.